The Vineyard

Lusatia Park Vineyard was established in 1985 and purchased by the Shelmerdine family in 1989. It is planted on Lone Star Creek at Woori Yallock, in the upper Yarra Valley. A twenty five hectare viticultural holding, the estate has an elevated north-facing aspect. Its deep free-draining red soil and cool climate ensure intense varietal flavors, which encourage long and consistent ripening.

The Chardonnay, Pinot Noir and Sauvignon Blanc grapes grown in the vineyard contribute finesse, restraint and grace to enable the production of elegant and textured table wines. The vineyard also provides excellent base material for sparkling wine which is made in the traditional Champagne method.

After many years of producing premium grapes for other wine companies, the Shelmerdine family launched their own brand in 2002.

Since 2005 special parcels of fruit from the oldest and lowest yielding blocks on Lusatia Park Vineyard have been used to produce the single vineyard PHI wines in collaboration with the De Bortoli family.

The estate continues to produce fruit for other leading Yarra Valley wine companies and artisan winemakers.

Lusatia Park Vineyard is an hour by road from Central Melbourne.


Yarra Valley History

The Yarra Valley is the site of a viticultural and winemaking renaissance and is situated an hour by road from Central Melbourne.

The first vines were planted in the valley in 1840. Between the 1860's and 1900's Yarra Valley wines gradually gained a strong reputation for their quality around the world. By the outbreak of World War I the Australian palette had shifted to fortified wines. As a consequence, with a greatly reduced market for fine table wine, many Yarra Valley vineyards were returned to pasture for cattle.

During the 1960’s Australian vignerons rediscovered the Yarra Valley and its great potential as a premium grape growing region, and today the region produces some of the country's best Pinot Noir, Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc and top echelon sparkling wines.